A Deadpool 3 "completely different" see the light of day, according to Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds has confirmed to our colleagues from Variety that a “Deapool 3” was currently in development, but that it would be “completely different” from the two previous opus. 20th Century Fox is Currently in full promotion of Deadpool 2 in China, Ryan Reynolds confirmed to our fellow americans of Variety that a third installment of the adventures of the super-hero irreverent was in development, but would be “completely different” from the previous two movies, respectively released in 2016 and 2018. A statement heavy with meaning, then, that the future of the saga X-Men is rendered uncertain by the purchase of FOX studios by the group Disney. But the immense popularity of the character among fans of Marvel and the excellent scores at the box office of the two Deadpool (more than $ 700 million each) will surely have convinced the new owners of the franchise to order a third component, that we imagine, however, is less vulgar and violent than the two previous games. While waiting to regain the tights spandex Deadpool, Ryan Reynolds will lend his voice to Pikachu in Pokémon the movie Detective Pikachu, expected for may 8 in our movie theaters. The first trailer of Detective Pikachu, Pokémon the movie by shooting real : Pokémon Detective Pikachu Band-annonce (2) VO

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